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Within the Central Annamite Ecoregion, PRCF is establishing biodiversity corridors in the Kon Ha Nung Biosphere Reserve to bring benefits to people and wildlife.

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Community-Based Conservation in Kon Ha Nung Biosphere Reserve

Since 2019 we have been initiating a program for nature conservation co-management in the landscape between Kon Ka Kinh National Park and Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in the highlands of Gia Lai Province. Both protected areas lie within the recently-established Kon Ha Nung Biosphere Reserve, where we are a promoting a new community-management approach to link the habitats of the national park and nature reserve through biodiversity corridors.

In collaboration with provincial authorities, we are planning a Kon Ha Nung Conservation Area with communities as an integral part of its long-term management. As an important starting point we have initiated a project to restore 1,200 ha of degraded forest including components of reforestation and agroforestry to bring benefits to the local communities.

our work

A Biodiversity Hotspot in the Central Annamites

The Kon Na Hung Biosphere Reserve is centered around Kon Ka Kinh National Park and Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserve, which are separated by a landscape of village lands and former production forest where PRCF is focusing its attention. This biodiversity hotspot is a haven for many globally threatened wildlife, much of which is typical of and endemic to the Central Annamites Ecoregion, including globally threatened primates such as the the Critically Endangered Grey-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix cinerea) and Endangered Northern Yellow-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus annamensis).

At the turn of the 21st century, the Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush (Ianthocincla konkakinhensis) was discovered in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, from where it takes its scientific name. This bird has a restricted range and this landscape remains an important stronghold for its protection. The Vietnamese Crested Argus (Rheinardia ocellata) is also found here. An impressive pheasant with luxuriant tail feathers, this bird was recently recognized as a separate species restricted to the Annamites and is listed as Critically Endangered.

By working in this landscape, PRCF will be contribute to securing the future of these beautiful species and so much more.