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PRCF is collaborating with the Foundation for People and Community Development (FPCD), a national non-government organization, to develop a community-led conservation and development project in Papua New Guinea. 

In 2022, consultations were held with two clans (kinship groups) – Ugalingu and Awane – in Madang province. The project is in the process of launching activities with the Ugalingu clan, who hold over 2,000 ha of land, mostly covered by pristine rainforest. The project aims to support the efforts of Ugalingu to protect its forest from large-scale logging and agricultural encroachment, reforest degraded areas and promote community socio-economic development. The potential to increase the project activities to landscape scale is being explored.


Foundation for People and Community Development (FPCD)

The Foundation for People and Community Development (FPCD) is a national non-governmental organization that has been involved in integrated community development since 1965.

One of the objectives of the FPCD is to promote an innovative model for sustainable landscapes by linking community-based land-use planning with development of climate-smart land-based livelihoods. Through Eco-Forestry Programs, the FPCD aims to promote good forestry practice, train landowners to manage their forest resources and benefit from its many uses, establish models of good practices in forest management areas, forest nurseries, model houses, and market the forest products in a fair market.

You can read more about the FPCD here