Latest Survey of Francois’ Langur shows continued population growth

The Lam Binh-Sinh Long area in Tuyen Quang is home to Vietnam’s largest population of François’ Langur, a globally Endangered monkey. It is one of several species of langur in Vietnam which are mostly black and sport a smart crest on their heads. They are usually distinguished from each other by unique patterns of facial […]

Welcome To A New Year And Our Revamped Website

Fernando Potess, CEO of People Resources and Conservation Foundation. PRCF is undergoing transformation, getting stronger, and doing better work in more exciting places. In the meantime, we remain focused on improving biodiversity conservation through close collaboration with and support for communities most relative to areas rich in biodiversity. It has been an amazing journey to […]

Remembering Elmo Drilling

Last year, the world lost a conservationist who lived and breathed sustainability and conservation, Michael “Elmo” Drilling. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Mr. Drilling worked for the Peace Corps, USAID, and served as PRCF Director from 1996-2014, later rejoining PRCF from 2018 until his passing.

Our Commitment to Biodiversity

This past month world leaders gathered together at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties to discuss collective solutions towards combating climate change. We at PRCF acknowledge with concern the increasing threats to global ecosystems and that a change of behavior is needed. At stake is the permanent loss of the Earth’s […]

PRCF Indonesia team among 108 Noteworthy Practices

West Kalimantan Patrol

Congratulations to Pak Imanul Huda, PRCF Indonesia Director, and the PRCF Indonesia team for their selection as one of the “108 Noteworthy Practices” for their work in “Creating Community Forestry and Enabling Long-term Stewardship of High Biodiversity Value Forests” at the fifteenth meeting of the Conference of Parties for the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD). […]

A win for weavers: community entrepreneurship prize

PRCF Indonesia Associate, Fifiyati Hoesni, has been awarded a community entrepreneurship prize for her dedication to the Dayak weaving project in Indonesian Borneo. ‘Dayak’ is a loose term for the indigenous peoples of Borneo. Weaving, an ancestral art form practiced mainly by older Dayak women, is under threat of extinction because younger generations are leaving […]

Help save the endangered Francois’ Langur

The endangered Francois’ Langur is one of PRCF Vietnam’s flagship species. We have confirmed several groups of this threatened primate living in an isolated limestone karst forest in the northern mountainous region of Tuyen Quango province.  Perhaps the last viable population of the langur in Vietnam, urgent on-ground action is now needed to help protect […]

Lam Binh community sends strong message to poachers

In February 2013 our partner Save Our Species featured an updated account about PRCF field coordinator Tu Minh Tiep’s role in capturing a wildlife hunter in northern Vietnam. SOS is a global coalition to conserve threatened species and their habitats. PRCF’s collaboration with SOS to protect the Francois langur’ began in 2011. The article titled Lam Binh community sends […]

PRCF photo contest winners

Congratulations to the two winners of our Where are all the Wild Things? photo contest. Renee Bell’s photo of a pangolin won first prize based on the number of Facebook ‘Likes’. Second place was won by Christine Rehman for her ‘backyard bear’ photo. This was our first photo contest, designed to celebrate PRCF’s 17th birthday […]

Community conservation: 3D mapping

PRCF Vietnam’s three-dimensional mapping project in the Lam Binh Forest area, northeastern Vietnam, involved 30 local people from seven villages. Their energy and enthusiasm – and the high standard of their very first 3D map – helped make this a very successful community conservation activity.