About the People Resources and Conservation Foundation

about the PRCF

The People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF) is a non-profit, non-government organization that promotes conservation, protection, and wise use of natural resources with sound social and economic development. The PRCF works with rural populations in developing countries, particularly with communities living adjacent to protected areas, remnant forests, and degraded lands and grasslands.

Mission Statement

PRCF’s mission statement is to “Strengthen local participation in biodiversity conservation through measures that address the protection and wise-use of natural resources with the socio-economic development of affected communities”.

Working with local communities

PRCF stakeholders realize that local communities are integral to the success of nature conservation and community development programs. Therefore the PRCF advocates community participation and environmental conservation in its natural resource management program. Activities that change the cultural identity or social structure of local populations or negatively affect the natural environment are rejected and discouraged.

Through its field programs, the PRCF motivates local people to preserve and enhance their traditional self-respect and identity. Communities are encouraged to be active and responsible in all development activities. This includes participation of stakeholders in needs assessment, planning, implementation, and progress monitoring. To reinforce this participation premise, active members in PRCF community development programs are regarded as “project owners”. Collectively, they share the responsibility of all labor inputs and most of the materials needed to complete their projects. The PRCF provides technical assistance through training and extension, and facilitates initial funds to purchase project materials and establish village-level institutions.

Mode of Operation

The PRCF works as a federation of Country Programs that initiates member organizations in host countries. Eventually these members will become independent non-governmental organizations in the country of operation. The longer-term objective is that qualified nationals will manage and administer these organizations. A shared vision of the PRCF Federation is local biodiversity management that supports ecosystem functions and enables a sustained form of resource use. Local, self-reliant communities with stable cultural identities and socioeconomic conditions promote this vision. The PRCF also provides technical advice and financial support to members of the PRCF Federation. Members share the PRCF insignia, philosophy, vision, and mission statement.

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