Striving to save the remaining forests in West Borneo

Longhouse of Ensaid Panjang Village, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo: Stephanie Jung

In October, 2011 PRCF Indonesia’s work on protecting the remaining forests in West Kalimantan, was featured in the Pontianak Post.

The article, written in Bahasa Indonesian, touches on PRCF’s work to ensure rural communities are granted management status of the forests surrounding their villages. The landscape of Ensaid Panjang village, the current focal area of PRCF Indonesia, is rich in diverse flora, including medical plants and rare flowers. By attaining management status of this forest area, the villagers of Ensaid Panjang will ensure that the forests on which their livelihoods rely will be available for future generations as well.

Through this program, PRCF Indonesia is currently developing other benefits for the local community including: the availability of clean water sources and Non-Timber Forest Products, and eco-tourism opportunities allowing them to share their conservation efforts with visitors to Kalimantan.

Tree Adoption Program

To further promote the importance of protecting the forests of West Borneo, PRCF Indonesia (PRCFI) is currently working with the community of Ensaid Panjang to develop a tree adoption program. Other such initiatives have been implemented with great success, and Imanul Huda, PRCFI Country Program Manager, hopes “the support of the international community will help these efforts as well”.

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